Bristol Women's Mentoring Network

Bristol Women's Mentoring Network was first launched in February 2019 as part of the University's commitment to eradicate the gender pay gap and to create gender equality in our workplace. Since launching the programme, we have had two successful cohorts and despite the disruption of the pandemic, there has been positive feedback from those that took part in a mentoring relationship over the last year with mentoring relationships helping with work-life balance, wellbeing, developing interpersonal skills and more. We would encourage all eligible mentees and mentors to join the scheme and benefit from the power of connecting with others.

A warm welcome to The Bristol Women’s Mentoring Network from Professor Judith Squires, Deputy Vice Chancellor and Provost


Information on joining the Bristol Women's Network


Who is eligible to be a new mentee?
Women or individuals who identify as female both academic and professional services on grades J, K, L & M, who have not previously been matched on the scheme in a 1:1 set up.

Who is eligible to be a new mentor?
Anyone from academic, professional services & University of Bristol Alumni grades J, K, L, M & X.  For returning mentors, please contact to express your interest. 

When does the scheme run?
The scheme will run from March 2023 until February 2024. Dates of the information sessions will be announced in the all-staff bulletin at the start of the year when participants will be invited to sign up.

What can you talk about in a mentoring conversation?
Broadly, a mentor may help you think about:

  • Reviewing career options, planning, promotion and progression
  • Developing interpersonal skills and working relationships
  • Understanding the expectations and requirements of your current role
  • Working out work-life balance, wellbeing and managing flexibility

How many times will I meet my mentor?
We ask you to meet a minimum of four times throughout the year.

How do I sign up?
New mentees and mentors need to Search the Develop catalogue for 'mentoring' and book on to an induction session. The induction session is the first part of the scheme, and following that you will be sent a matching form to fill in. You will be matched and informed of your mentor in February/March. For returning mentors, please contact to express your interest. 

What are the time commitments?

  • A 1.5 hour online Induction session (you do not need to attend if you have previously attended an induction session for this scheme or the Bristol Clear Mentoring Scheme before)
  • Recommended 4 x 1 hour mentoring sessions 
  • We will ask for your feedback at the halfway point and at the end of the scheme via a short online survey

Mentor Testimonials from those who took part in last year's scheme

"Provided a really valuable point of understanding and stability (and challenge - on the right things) through an exceptionally difficult time."

"All the women in my feedback group (at the celebration event) had been given sufficient increased confidence to apply for promotions/jobs for which they would have hesitated before. I am applying for accelerated progression as a direct result of my mentor."

"My mentor helped me turn negative situations into positive opportunities (during a) the lockdown and pandemic, and b) a huge department restructure and threat of redundancy..."

Mentor Testimonial

"I love mentoring. It is such a privilege to be part of other people's life's. And such a joy and inspiration when those you mentee make big changes and move forward. Don't get me wrong- mentoring is challenging, but in a good way. It forces you to inspect your values and culture and decide whether you are going to keep them or leave them at the door. It opens your eyes to the things in your life that are good, and take account of the changes you have had to make to get where you are. Everybody should have a mentor, and we should all embrace the opportunity to be a mentor as it is an enriching experience." Professor Esther Crawley, Professor of Child Health

New Mentor sign up 2023

 Search the Develop catalogue for 'mentoring' and book on to an induction session. Returning mentors, please contact

New Mentee sign up 2023

 Search the Develop catalogue for 'mentoring' and book on to an induction session for the 2023 round.

Mentor of the year

We are very pleased to announce that Esther Crawley won Mentor of the Year: Public Sector in the Hargreaves Lansdown South West Mentoring Awards 2020.

Mid Scheme Evaluation 2019

Download the Mid Scheme Evaluation Info graphics 2019 (PDF, 179kB)

Wellbeing resources

Please use the resources we've listed here to help look after yourself and your colleagues.

Further resources for Mentors & Mentees

Find more information on mentoring here.