The Bristol Clear Mentoring Scheme

Have you got goals you want to achieve in the next year? Perhaps you're coming to the end of your contract and are considering your next move? Maybe you've got your sights set on a fellowship? Or you might just be unsure on what your next step should be?

By joining the Bristol Clear Mentoring Scheme you will be matched with a mentor outside of your disciplinary area, who will help you to develop your career here, or into your next position. Whether that is within the academic environment, or in one of the hundreds of alternative career paths. Being outside your discipline they will provide you with a fresh perspective and impartiality.

Who can become a Mentee?

The scheme is aimed at Pathway 2 staff on I & J grades, however if you are not in this group and feel you would benefit from this scheme then please do contact us at

Who are the Mentors?

Our Mentors are senior academics from across the university who have volunteered their time. They are trained and experienced in supporting staff to take control of their career.

When will it run?

Recruitment opens in October. The scheme runs from November 2024 to October 2025

What can you talk about in a mentoring conversation?

Broadly, a mentor may help you think about:

  • Career planning, making decisions confidently, setting and achieving clear development goals.
  • Developing new and/or better working relationships.
  • Gaining awareness of the requirements and demands of research and academic roles.
  • Development of research funding, and/or publication strategies.
  • Managing workloads and gaining a better work-life balance / sense of wellbeing.

Testimonials from Mentees and Mentors

I am very happy to have participated in the mentoring scheme. I was initially unsure of whether it would work for me as the mentor-mentee pairs are chosen intentionally from different fields of research, and I had some questions to work on which I thought might be too niche. I was surprised because while my sessions with my mentor where very different from what I had expected and it pushed me out of my comfort zone, their input was very helpful even on the matters which I thought were too discipline-specific to discuss. The most valuable aspect of this scheme for me was the ability to connect with a very senior academic and speak to them without stressing about it too much, as they clearly had agreed to help me in the first place.

Mentee, Personal Testimonial 2019

I have enjoyed meeting and talking to someone new, completely outside my sphere of influence. The biggest benefit to me has been talking through specific situations which I face... This is especially useful when dealing with issues relating to colleagues and your past / present supervisors!I would recommend this to other staff. No matter what your situation: from someone who is struggling in academia, to a high-flier who is close to their own research group, there is something to be gained from this programme for all.

Mentee, Personal Testimonial 2019

I signed up to the scheme because I know from experience what a difference a good mentor can make. Helping people is a highly satisfying feeling and I loved every minute of the mentoring relationship. I also think I became better at it over the weeks, so I improved my mentoring skills at the same time. I would recommend it to anyone that has a genuine desire to help people even though they may not feel up to the task. It really is just about listening, asking questions and sharing a goal.

Mentor, Dr Vera Castiglione, Deputy Language Director, Italian - Personal Testimonial 2019

We learned a lot from each other during the process, so I would highly recommend any potential mentors who are hesitant to sign up, because they can certainly make a huge difference to a mentee, no matter what stage he/she is career-wise.

Mentor, Dr Aaron Lim, Personal Testimonial 2018

I cant believe that a senior person is taking out a whole hour to speak to me. I'd never approach someone at that level on my own .

Mentee, Mid scheme feedback session 2019

Bristol Clear Mentoring Scheme

Find out more about the scheme here

Download a mentoring process model (PDF, 20kB) to see what steps you will go through when taking part in the scheme. (Please note for  the 2024/25 scheme runs across 12 months, with 4 mentoring sessions)

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Further resources for Mentors & Mentees

  • Find more information on mentoring here.