Postdoc Appreciation Week (PAW)

It’s Postdoc Appreciation Week from 20-24 September 2021! Join us and celebrate the contributions and achievements of our postdoc community.  We are pleased to be part of the National Postdoc Appreciation Week organised by participating Universities across the UK.


“Postdoc Appreciation Week is more important than ever as we continue research after the lockdown, so please do take part in any way you can. Come along and hear about the fantastic research being carried out across the University and by early career Researchers.” Professor Phil Taylor, Pro Vice-Chancellor for Research and Enterprise

“National Postdoc Appreciation Week provides a chance to share and celebrate the huge diversity of achievements across our Postdoc research community. Please do take part in the University’s activities as part of NPAW: amidst current pressures it provides a particularly timely opportunity to support, encourage and champion our truly excellent research.” Professor Deborah Wilson, Faculty Research Director, Social Sciences and Law; Chair of the Research Staff Working Party

University wide events

This year Bristol Clear have organised the Festival of Early Career Research on 23 September 2021

Thanks and Recognition

Why not use this opportunity to thank your postdoc/ researcher? Use the University’s Thanks and Recognition Wall to show your appreciation.

School based events

Are you organising any events at your school? Tell us about your events so we can advertise them for you! In previous years, participating universities organised local school-level events which included themed talks, social events (e.g. postdoc pizza and beer, postdoc coffee morning, postdoc picnics, etc.) or had postdoc appreciation awards. 

National Postdoc Appreciation Week events 

Join the Postdoc Appreciation Week events which are jointly organised between participating organisations across the UK. Details will be posted here.