Development opportunities and useful resources

Our vision is to provide an environment for clarity, honesty and a renewed perspective for our research staff. Time to learn and to reflect. Space to explore choices.

We therefore offer a range of opportunities to empower you to thrive by developing your skills and by considering your career development.

Development opportunities ‌‌

You can now search, book and access development opportunities through Develop.

Developing your career 

These pages have been developed to support early career researchers who want to reflect on their career progress to date and begin to develop an ongoing career strategy.


By joining the Bristol Clear Mentoring Scheme you will be matched with a mentor outside of your disciplinary area, who will help you to develop your career here, or into your next position.

Networking: An online resource for Researchers

In the academic sector, the increasing value placed on collaborative partnerships and the emergence of the impact agenda have heightened the need to have a broad professional network.

Research staff 1:1 appointments 

The 1:1s are provided for research staff on Pathway 2, to give you the opportunity to review your career options; whether you're considering a future within, or outside of academia.

Ask a question 

If you have any questions then contact us at

Coming up

We are continuously reviewing our offer and are working with colleagues across the University to inform our development programme. In 2021/22 we will be launching our support programme around effective research practice, piloting a workshop programme offering support along the research project life cycle. Workshops will be advertised through Develop. Furthermore, we will create through-career development stages linked to the new Academic Promotions Framework categories, which will inform future development opportunities.