Developing your career

Most doctorate-holders in the UK eventually go on to careers outside of Higher Education. Researchers have a wide range of skills, perspectives and behaviours to offer to any employer, and a wide range of opportunities to consider. It is essential, therefore, that you consider all alternative options as well as a career in research.

These pages have been developed to support early career researchers who want to reflect on their career progress to date and begin to develop an ongoing career strategy. 

This resource has been created to support researchers in developing a vision and plan for their future career. It provides a roadmap that enables you to:
· feel purposeful and in control
· make informed choices
· continue to learn and develop yourself proactively
· notice and create career-building opportunities
· be more assertive in asking for and seeking what you want

Planning any kind of career or career change takes time. Irrespective of whether you wish to stay in an academic environment, it is worth spending time on exploring, reflecting and planning.

The process can take a long time if you are making a big career change, so get started as soon as possible – particularly if your contract is ending within the next 6-12 months.

Career planning toolkit

Use the Career planning toolkit to develop a vision and plan for your future career, and to explore different career opportunities for researchers.

Pursuing an academic career

If you want to find out more information about careers in academia you may want to explore the pages on Pursuing an academic career.

Making the most of your staff review

Explore Making the most out of your Staff Review and Development conversation to take control and make the most of this formal opportunity to discuss your career.