Considering alternative careers

This page is aimed at early career researchers who are not sure if the academic career pathway is for them and who may be considering a career change. 

Many people change career direction during the course of their working lives. However it can be challenging as it it is likely to involve compromise, and can require you to re-train or prove yourself in a new career area before reaching the level of responsibility previously held. During your time in research you will have developed many transferable skills which will be invaluable to other career possibilities. However it is hard to know which of these skills employers outside of HE will find valuable. Vitae has a tool that can help, they surveyed the views of employers to establish the key knowledge, behaviours and attributes developed by researchers that are most desirable. These have been mapped onto the RDF and expressed as the Employability lens on the Researcher Development Framework.

The resources below will also give you ideas and inspiration to help broaden your horizons, think about what you want from a career and how you to sell yourself outside academia.

Understand yourself

Knowing what you want from your career will help you focus on things you really value and consider how you gain more of them in current or future roles

Interviews and applications

Tips and techniques to improve your performance in the recruitment process

Review the skills you have

Recognising the skills you have acquired throughout your career may provide vital information for future decisions.

Explore your options

What roles are available and how to go about finding them.

Useful links