B: Explore your options


If you were pursuing a new methodology for your research, you wouldn’t do that without looking at the literature, or asking other researchers what they have done before you. There is no point in spending time reinventing the wheel, and the same is true for finding a new career. There are many great examples of researchers who have gone before you and moved into successful careers after working as a researcher. If you read the literature, you may well stumble across some inspiring examples and suggestions that you haven’t yet thought of.
Likewise, if you were pursuing a new avenue of research and working with or collaborating with other researchers, there might be some collaborators or institutions that you would prefer to work with. That might be because their values and culture just feel right for you. Some collaborators will be easier to find than others. The same is true in the world of careers – for one specific job there could be some employers that are easier to find, and others that would feel like a much better values and culture fit.
To help you explore your options, in this section you can:
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