Career planning toolkit


This online resource has been designed to help you consider any career, however it has been curated and tailored with researchers in mind. We take into account the careers that researchers typically progress in to as well as the challenges and opportunities that researchers face.
These resources are designed to take you through a typical career planning and management process, beginning with section A: Know yourself.
How to use this resource:
Each of the four main sections (A-D) contains a series of topics, and where possible and relevant, includes three elements for you to engage with:
1. Advice and information
2. A tool or theory to enhance understanding
3. An activity or reflection prompt.
Having completed a number of activities or reflective exercises, if you feel you still need some one to one support or guidance, attend a 1:1 with the Bristol Clear team, and bring with you a selection of your thoughts or outputs from the activity sections of each topic.
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