Seven Suggestions for...

collage of Seven Suggestions PDFs

Our new “Seven Suggestions for Leadership” series of guides is specifically designed for academics and aims to provide leadership and people management advice and guidance in a set of short, user-friendly guides. They have been written with the academic environment in mind and the topics chosen following consultation with several academics.  They cover 10 topics:

  1. Developing your leadership (PDF, 132kB)
  2. Managing your time (PDF, 146kB)
  3. Recruiting the right person (PDF, 139kB)
  4. Setting expectations for other people (PDF, 140kB)
  5. Managing and rewarding performance (PDF, 131kB)
  6. Managing staff on short-term funding (PDF, 134kB)
  7. Managing personality differences (PDF, 137kB)
  8. Developing your staff (PDF, 130kB)
  9. Giving feedback to other people (PDF, 148kB)
  10. Managing difficult conversations (PDF, 138kB)

We appreciate any feedback on these that you have, or any suggestions for further topics -