Running Group

The staff Running Group provides motivation, support, strength and conditioning exercises as well as practical advice and all of the groups starting in January are FREE so please get in touch with us to register your interest. 
We have a number of groups running at different times for those starting out in running/lapsed or would like an Active lunch. The Active Lunch will now be able to split into ability levels for the main session, so if you are keen to try running a little faster, or been put off as you feel you are too slow, come along and talk to a run leader. 
DateTimeMeeting PointLevelContact 

Various lunchtimes


13.10 (35-40 mins) Indoor Sports Centre to walk across to area behind Life Sciences  Beginner to intermediate (lapsed runners)

Vicky Dickson 

Tim Samsum

Wednesday evening session 


18.30 (45 mins - 1 hour)

Cafe Retreat, Stoke Road (near to the water tower on the Down's)

This is the Civil Engineering running group and they would like to invite all staff to run with them. 

Beginner to intermediate (lapsed runners) Victoria Sloan and Laura Dickinson 
All groups also offer some informally arranged runs so get in touch with us either through e-mail (UoB Staff Running Group), the Facebook group University of Bristol StaffClub - Running and Yammer
We currently have informal runs for intermediate plus levels (those who can run 5miles plus) on Sunday's at 8:30am meeting at the Indoor Sports Centre by the green running man. These are advertised on the Facebook group and Yammer.  
Civil Engineering also have some informal sessions pre-9am for those wanting to run before work on some Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays so get in touch with Victoria Sloan for more info or to register interest in a particular day.
If you are an intermediate to advanced runner and would like to know more about setting up a group and advertising with us in Staff Social please get in contact with Vicky Dickson