staff surveys: our voices matter

Here at the University of Bristol we value two-way conversations and feedback.

The Staff Engagement team support the delivery of our institutional staff surveys which are designed to gain a greater understanding, on a wide variety of issues, of how we feel about working here.

These surveys are an opportunity for us as staff to give open and honest feedback. Our responses help steer future plans and initiatives to make the University a better place to work for all. 

We encourage as many staff as possible to complete the surveys, as we feel that this is an important part of life at the University.  The more people who participate, the greater the voice... and our voices matter.

Supporting our highly motivated workforce and fostering a supportive working environment has never been more important. I am encouraged by the collective will to address the challenges identified in the Staff Surveys.

Professor Judith Squires , Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Provost
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