Capoeira Club

What is Capoeira 
▪ An Afro-Brazilian Martial art illegal for many years in Brazil

▪ A very rich sport combining elements of fight, kicks, acrobatics, music, dance and singing

▪ Performed by two people, it is often called a ‘Capoeira game’

▪ Capoeira is a fight for fighters and a dance for dancers 

Misconceptions about Capoeira! 
▪ There is NO fitness level required

▪ You DON’T have to be flexible! Don’t be put off by the fancy acrobatics, we will build your “own” flexibility through key exercises and consistency

▪ Capoeira is for anyone at any age 

What will Capoeira bring me 
▪ Physical strength, flexibility, and coordination

▪ Self-confidence, creativity, and FUN

▪ The sense of being part of an amazing community 

The Online Classes 
▪ Starting: Friday 15 January 2021

▪ Then, every Tuesday and Friday at 12:30

▪ Duration: 45 minutes

▪ Level: Beginner

▪ Payment via Paypal. £5/ drop-in class or £40 for a block of 10 classes 

To register and pay for classes, please fill in the very short form.

Your Capoeira instructor 

Meet Lise, your Capoeira instructor

a smiling instructor

Get in touch! 
Please email if you have any questions about the classes. 
Here is a short video of Art of Movement last Capoeira event!

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