Badminton Club

Staff and Postgraduate badminton group - for those who enjoy a friendly game with a bit of a challenge.


Contact Colin for up to date playing times 


We are located in the sports hall at the sports centre and usually have three courts on Tuesdays and three courts on Fridays. Shuttles are provided by the club so just bring yourself and a racquet!


All staff and postgraduates are welcome to play. We have a wide range of levels from beginner to advanced, but we usually mix it up in doubles games.
We ask that you know how to play the basic shots (serves, clears, net shots) and basic doubles rules. A good basic guide can be found here:

Subscription Information

You will either need a UOB off-peak time sports pass to access the sports hall or you can pay £5 per session. Please drop us an email or just turn up to a session. We ask you to join the mailing list if you start playing regularly.