Steering group

The purpose of the steering group is to work in partnership with stakeholders to identify and work with at least one appropriate person, (Local Area Contact(s) for the programme), who will have strategic oversight of the programme activities in the local area. The group guides the implementation of the programme of local reviews of deaths of people with learning disabilities. They support the proportionate review of all deaths of people with learning disabilities in their area, and more detailed reviews of those subject to a rolling programme of priority themed review. They receive regular updates from the Local Area Contact about the progress and findings of reviews.

The steering group helps interpret and analyse the data submitted from local reviews, including areas of good practice in preventing premature mortality, and areas where improvements in practice could be made. The group monitor the action plans that are developed as a result of the reviews of deaths, and take or guide appropriate action as a result of such information as well as to ensure agreed protocols are in place for information sharing, accessing case records and keeping content confidential and secure

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