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University's LeDeR team welcomes Government's response to third annual report

12 February 2020

The Department of Health and Social Care has today published the Government’s response to the University of Bristol’s third annual Learning Disabilities Mortality Review (LeDeR) report.

The University of Bristol's third annual report, published in May 2019, made 12 recommendations. Today's response from the Government highlights eight actions, with associated deadlines, which it has pledged will be carried out.

The Government’s report (which can be downloaded in full from the link below) also gives the latest update on actions in relation to the nine recommendations made in our second annual report, published in May 2018.

Professor Pauline Heslop, LeDeR Programme lead at the University of Bristol, said:

“We welcome the Government’s response to our third annual report and note the acknowledgement of the important role the University of Bristol has played in the LeDeR programme.

“We formulated the recommendations published in both the second and third annual reports in collaboration with stakeholder groups, including people with learning disabilities and their families. We have a responsibility to them to ensure the timely completion of good quality reviews which lead directly to service improvements.

“It is clear that service improvements, at both local and national levels, continue to be needed to assure the quality of care for people with learning disabilities, so the number of premature deaths – especially those from preventable causes - is significantly reduced.”

The role the University plays in the LeDeR programme, which is funded and managed by NHS England, is outlined here.

Download: The Government response to the third annual Learning Disabilities Mortaliity Review (LeDeR) Programme report.

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