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LeDeR COVID-19 reviews

12 November 2020

An updated analysis of findings from LeDeR COVID-19 reviews is now available

We published a short report on the first 50 LeDeR COVID-19 reviews in July. We have now updated our analysis in a new report (published by NHSE) that considers 163 people with learning disabilities whose death has been attributed to COVID-19. Each of the people have had their death reviewed as part of the Learning Disabilities Mortality Review (LeDeR) programme.

The paper aims to highlight aspects of the condition itself, or the care provided to those who have died, to inform a better understanding of COVID-19 and people with learning disabilities.

Our key findings and recommendations include: 

  • the majority of the 206 deaths we reviewed (four in every five, n=163) were attributable to COVID-19 
  • there is a striking difference in age at death between COVID-19 deaths in the general population compared with people with learning disabilities. Just four per-cent of LeDeR deaths were aged 85 and over: this indicates that age thresholds for shielding people from COVID-19 would disproportionately disadvantage people with learning disabilities. 
  • a third of those who died from COVID-19 lived in residential care homes; this rises to almost half of those with Down’s syndrome. A quarter lived in supported living settings. Priority must be given to supporting measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in these settings.

Deaths of people with learning disabilities from COVID-19 (PDF, 709kB)

LeDeR COVID-19 reviews - Easy Read (PDF, 1,276kB)


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