Get Exercise Confident

Getting started

Learn about the basics of exercise, how much you actually need and different ways to get it.


Watch short videos that will teach you the correct technique and common mistakes of key exercises.

Beginner workout

New to exercise? This workout will show you the basics of cardio, core and resistance training.

Intermediate workout

Fancy more of a challenge? Try this more advanced workout to improve your fitness and strength.


Strapped for time? Try one of our ten minute full body circuits. No gym equipment required.

Muscle release

Improve your flexibility, movement and posture by releasing key areas of muscular tension.

Whether you are a complete beginner or fitness fanatic, I hope you find Get Exercise Confident an educational and useful resource!

William Fotherby, Final year medical student and founder of Get Exercise Confident

Evidence-based exercise

The information on Get Exercise Confident is supported by NHS guidelines, exercise specialists and research papers (PDF, 63kB).

Health caution

If you are planning on becoming more physically active, then please check out this one-minute questionnaire which will tell if you should see your GP first.

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