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Profiles of all current academic staff and postgraduate research students in the Religion and Theology department.

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Academic staff

Balserak, Jon Senior Lecturer in Early Modern Religion Early Modern Religion

Davidson, Lindsey

Lecturer in Jewish Studies

Jewish studies

Langer, Rita Senior Lecturer in Buddhist Studies Buddhist Studies

Leech, David

Senior Lecturer in the Philosophy of Religion

Philosophy of Religion

Lomi, Benedetta

Senior Lecturer in East Asian Religions

Buddhist Studies

Matthiesen, Toby

Senior Lecturer in Global Islam

Global Islam

Shiri, Yael Lecturer in Religious Studies Buddhist Studies
Sønnesyn, Sigbjørn Lecturer in Medieval Christianity Medieval Christianity

Honorary staff

Abdelnour, Mohammed
Dr Mohammed Gamal Abdelnour
Research Fellow in Comparative Islamic and Christian
Clark, Stephen Research Fellow in the Philosophy of Religion (Professor)
D'Costa, Gavin Emeritus Professor in Catholic Theology
Deane, Susannah British Academy Postdoctoral Research Fellow in
Buddhist Studies
Gethin, Rupert Emeritus Professor of Buddhist Studies
Jones, Eddie Research Fellow
King, Ursula Emerita Professor of Theology and Religious Studies
Lewis, Marilyn Research Fellow
Muessig, Carolyn Honorary Senior Research Fellow in Medieval Religion
Rochard, Dechen Honorary Research Fellow in Buddhist Studies
Straube, Martin Honorary Research Associate in Pali literature and lexicography
Williams, Paul Emeritus Professor of Indian and Tibetan Philosophy

Other Teaching Staff

Glenn, Sam Teacher

Current MPhil and PhD students

NameTitle of DissertationLead Supervisor
Cho, Hyo Eun Discussing unskilful qualities from the unfolded ancient text: the research of the theory of defilements through two chapters in the Śāriputrābhidharma-śāstra’ Rita Langer
Choi, Joon The Study of Information Structure on Moses’ Speech in the Book of Deuteronomy: An Approach from Text-linguistics - A Linguistic Study on Direct Speech in the Book of Deuteronomy Lindsey Davidson 
Font Clos, Bernat What the Buddha Felt: A Study of Vedanā in Early Buddhism Rita Langer 
Glenn, Sam A Platonic Challenge to Naturalistic Accounts of Love David Leech
Hyatt, Joey The Scribal Culture of the Book of Chronicles Lindsey Davidson
Kim, Seoho Five Senses and Places within Chan Practice: Historical Origins, Formations, and Changes in Meditation Methods and Techniques  Benedetta Lomi
Norton, Sam Language, psychiatry and exorcism - a conceptual elucidation of how abnormal phenomena are understood in psychiatric diagnosis and the ministry of deliverance David Leech
Thomson, Blair Brushing Suchness: the development of Japanese Buddhist calligraphy during the Kamakura period (TBC)  Benedetta Lomi
Williams, Chris Western Rationalism and the Visionary Nature of Meditative Experience in the Buddhist Tradition Rita Langer


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