Samples of booksBristol Buddhist Studies in association with the University Library has an excellent collection of books (PDF, 194kB) on Buddhism, including the complete Buddhist canons in Pali, Tibetan and Chinese. Both the Taipei reprint of the Taisho edition of the Chinese canon, and the Taipei reprint of the Tibetan Tripitaka were kindly donated to the Centre by the Corporate Body of the Buddha Educational Foundation, Taipei, which has also donated the complete Index to the Chinese Buddhist Tripitaka as well as many other books in Chinese. In addition we have the complete collection of the Ch'an canon kindly given to us by Fo Kuang Shan of Taiwan.

We are enormously grateful for these kind donations which have very much improved our facilities in Chinese and Tibetan languages.

There is also an extensive collection of Tibetan texts mainly on microfiche and CD-ROM, particularly for the study of Madhyamaka thought. In addition the University Library possesses the collection of the late Professor Edward Conze, and an Edward Conze Memorial Prize is available annually for outstanding undergraduate or graduate performance in the field.

Apart from the study spaces in the Department itself, there is a wide range of additional study spaces throughout the university, including the Arts and Social Sciences Library and the Graduate School for Arts & Humanities.

Students who work for a degree at the Centre for Buddhist Studies usually work individually or in small groups closely with the Centre directors. Graduate students also have access to the extremely well-equipped Graduate Centre with outstanding computer facilities available solely for their use.