Staff volunteering

Volunteering Policy

The University has a 'Public Duties and Volunteering' Policy which grants each member of staff one day's paid leave per year to undertake volunteering. Staff must clear their absence with their manager.

Volunteer days taken on a non-working day, such as the weekend, will accrue a day in lieu subject to the agreement of the line manager.  

Why volunteer?

When University staff take part in collaborative projects with local people, their activities underline the University's commitment to reaching out to all sections of the community - particularly ones that have not traditionally been involved with us. Please see the Engaged University Strategy for more details.

There are a wide variety of activities with which you can become involved, from assisting with reading in schools, serving as a trustee of a local community group, physical help with local community projects (such as community gardening, painting and decorating etc), supporting individuals (such as dog walking for those struggling to keep their pets, especially the elderly and people with disabilities)... the list is endless! Volunteering work is very rewarding and for participants there is a great sense of achievement, as well as the chance to meet new people and develop new skills.

How to get involved