Health Psychology and Interventions Group (HPIG)

HPIG draws together expertise in health psychology, health behaviour change, pragmatic intervention design and evaluation, and use of theory in research, from across and beyond the University of Bristol. The group provides a monthly forum for discussion of these areas and related topics.

The group is run by Dr Emma C. Anderson and Dr Anna K. Davies together with a core team of researchers with Health Psychology expertise: Dr Amberly BrigdenDr Jennifer CoxDr Christin HoffmannDr Anna PeaseDr Katie Whale.

Group aims

Following discussion about the purpose of the group at our inaugural meeting (January 2017), the group agreed the following key aims:

  • To establish an identity/presence for health psychologists and people with expertise in health behaviour change and related topics within the school
  • To provide a methodological resource to support research design and grant-writing
  • To be a forum for members to discuss successes and challenges of research already underway and receive peer support with trouble shooting
  • To contribute to teaching in the Medical School
  • To develop potential for collaboration
  • To discuss relevant papers and news, pool resources, learn from others’ approaches, share experiences and spark ideas

Group Meetings

The group meets monthly (alternate Tuesday/Thursday lunch times in the final week of each month).  The meetings are informal and friendly, and led by members of the group or invited speakers on a relevant topic or research paper. The dates and discussion topics for upcoming meetings can be found here.

We are always happy to welcome new members, and topics/speakers for discussion at our monthly group meetings.

Please contact us if you would like to join, or talk to, the group.

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