Professor Jonathan Ives Inaugural Lecture

30 May 2024, 6.15 PM - 30 May 2024, 7.15 PM

Professor Jonathan Ives

Priory Road Lecture Theatre, Priory Road Complex, Priory Road, Bristol, BS8 1TU

The Centre for Ethics in Medicine is pleased to announce Professor Jonathan Ives Inaugural Lecture on Thursday 30th May 2024, 'Four quotes and a frustration: Progress in bioethics and noble failure'.

This inaugural lecture will explore two interlinked aspects of Jon’s research in bioethics; focusing on concepts of ‘progress’ and ‘noble failure’ and examining how they can be helpful in both bioethics research and day-to-day ethical decision making. It will track the development of these ideas through four apparently unrelated quotes (from Shakespeare, a different Shakespeare, Nietzsche, and Terry Pratchett), which will coalesce into a methodological account born of a mixture of frustration and optimism.

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