A revised tool to assess risk of bias in randomized trials (RoB 2.0)

‌Welcome to the website for the RoB 2.0 tool.

Please note: A new version of the RoB tool was made available on 12 September 2018. Please see riskofbias.info.

 The following is an earlier draft of the tool. We developed versions for three different trial designs.

As an interim measure, you may cite the tool as: Higgins JPT, Sterne JAC, Savović J, Page MJ, Hróbjartsson A, Boutron I, Reeves B, Eldridge S. A revised tool for assessing risk of bias in randomized trials In: Chandler J, McKenzie J, Boutron I, Welch V (editors). Cochrane Methods. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2016, Issue 10 (Suppl 1). dx.doi.org/10.1002/14651858.CD201601.

MRC HTMR logo‌This work was supported by the MRC Network of Hubs for Trials Methodology Research (MR/L004933/1- N61). Infrastructure support was provided by the Medical Research Council ConDuCT-II Hub (Collaboration and innovation for Difficult and Complex randomized controlled Trials In Invasive procedures – MR/K025643/1).

View videos: RoB 2.0 Part 1, RoB 2.0 Part 2, RoB 2.0 Part 3, RoB 2.0 Part 4.

Individually-randomized, parallel-group trials

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Cluster-randomized, parallel-group trials

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Individually-randomized, cross-over trials

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