Research in the Bristol Appraisal and Synthesis of Research (BARR) group

We work in a wide range of methodological areas related to research synthesis, including:

Meta-analysis methods

  • We have worked particularly in the areas of heterogeneity, meta-regression, network meta-analysis, multiple outcomes/effect sizes, individual participant data, genetic association and Bayesian methods
  • We co-authored the textbook Introduction to Meta-analysis

Risk of bias assessment methods


  • Empirical evidence of bias in randomized trials
  • Empirical evidence of bias in non-randomized studies of interventions
  • Empirical evidence of heterogeneity across multiple meta-analyses

‘Rapid’ reviews and automation in research synthesis

General systematic review methods


We work on numerous systematic reviews in collaboration with colleagues in the School and elsewhere, as part of projects funded by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR), World Health Organization, European Union, Cancer Research UK, and others. Major ongoing programmes of reviews include:

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