An investigation of the extent to which adolescent multiple risk behaviour increases health inequalities in young adulthood

Laura Tinner's PhD investigates multiple risk behaviour and health inequalities in young adulthood. Specifically, it explores how engagement in multiple risk behaviour during adolescence effects young people’s socioeconomic status in mid-twenties. Multiple risk behaviour (MRB) concerns behaviours such as alcohol consumption, risky sexual behaviour, illicit drug use, tobacco use as well as less socially deviant behaviours such as low physical activity and low fruit and vegetable intake. Adolescence is when behaviours are often initiated, become ingrained and begin to shape adult behaviour. Although there is inconsistent evidence determining a social gradient in health behaviours and outcomes in young people, it is also a critical time to investigate health inequalities. It is during adolescence and young adulthood that people are can improve their life trajectories through education and entry into the labour market. Thus, the project aims to address whether engagement in multiple risk behaviour during adolescence increases social and health inequalities.

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