As part of the ResearchFish exercise, the first data submission for ConDuCT-II took place on 13 November 2014. There were over 35 papers published by Hub members at that time. Search or browse publications below.

A selection of papers from across the Network can be found on the MRC HTMR website.

The support of the ConDuCT-II Hub must be acknowledged in all related publications, including posters and presentation slides. The phrase to use is:

This work was undertaken with the support of the MRC ConDuCT-II Hub (Collaboration and innovation for Difficult and Complex randomised controlled Trials IInvasive procedures - MR/K025643/1).

It is also crucial that the HTMR Network is acknowledged for any publications which arise as a result of a Network project grant. Please visit the Network’s Information for Network project grantees page for further information and contact Karen Barnes for clarification if necessary.


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