BCFN Student Publications

Publications involving BCFN students (highlighted in bold)  


T.A. Swift, T.A.A. Oliver, M.C. Galan and H.M. Whitney, 'Functional nanomaterials to augment photosynthesis: evidence and considerations for their responsible use in agricultural applications'Interface Focus 9,  20180048 (2019)

R. M. Choueiri, A. Klinkova, S. Pearce, I. Manners, and E. Kumacheva, ‘Self-Assembly and Surface Patterning of Polyferrocenylsilane-Functionalized Gold Nanoparticles’, Macromol. Rapid Commun. 39 (3) 1700554 (2018).

V. C. A. Taylor, D. Tiwari, M. Duchi, P. M. Donaldson, I. P. Clark, D. J. Fermin, and T. A. A. Oliver, ‘Investigating the Role of the Organic Cation in Formamidinium Lead Iodide Perovskite Using Ultrafast Spectroscopy’, JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY LETTERS 9 (4) 895–901 (2018).

T.A. Swift, M. Duchi, S.A. Hill, D. Benito-Alifonso, R.L. Harniman, S. Sheikh, S.A. Davis, A.M. Seddon, H.M. Whitney, M.C. Galan and T.A.A. Oliver, ‘Surface functionalisation significantly changes the physical and electronic properties of carbon nano-dots’, Nanoscale, 10, 13908-13912 (2018)

M. C. James, A. Croot, P. W. May, and N. L. Allan, ‘Negative electron affinity from aluminium on the diamond (100) surface: a theoretical study’, JOURNAL OF PHYSICSCONDENSED MATTER 30 (23) (2018).

L. Zhou, L. Fox, M. Włodek, L. Islas, A. Slastanova, E. Robles, O. Bikondoa, R. Harniman, N. Fox, M. Cattelan, and W. H. Briscoe, ‘Surface structure of few layer graphene’, Carbon 136 255–261 (2018).

K. K. Leung, A. D. Gaxiola, H.-Z. Yu, and D. Bizzotto, ‘Tailoring the DNA SAM surface density on different surface crystallographic features using potential assisted thiol exchange’, ELECTROCHIMICA ACTA 261 188–197 (2018).

J. M. Galloway, L. Senior, J. M. Fletcher, J. L. Beesley, L. R. Hodgson, R. L. Harniman, J. M. Mantell, J. Coombs, G. G. Rhys, W.-F. Xue, M. Mosayebi, N. Linden, T. B. Liverpool, P. Curnow, P. Verkade, and D. N. Woolfson, ‘Bioinspired Silicification Reveals Structural Detail in Self-Assembled Peptide Cages’, ACS NANO 12 (2) 1420–1432 (2018).

D. W. Hayward, D. J. Lunn, A. Seddon, J. R. Finnegan, O. E. C. Gould, O. Magdysyuk, I. Manners, G. R. Whittell, and R. M. Richardson, ‘Structure of the Crystalline Core of Fiberlike Polythiophene Block Copolymer Micelles’, MACROMOLECULES 51 (8) 3097–3106 (2018).

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