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Bristol launches collaboration with Institute of Statistical Mathematics in Japan

The Institute of Statistical Mathematics, Japan's national research institute for statistics and data science

Press release issued: 28 February 2019

The University of Bristol’s Jean Golding Institute (JGI) for data science and data-intensive research has announced a new academic and research collaboration with the Institute of Statistical Mathematics (ISM) in Japan.

The aim is to develop mutually beneficial, creative and productive scholarly activities in the field of data science.

There are plans for many joint activities in the coming years, including opportunities for exchanges between the two institutions for joint research and educational activities, as well as to build a network within data science.

This will be based on, but not limited to, mathematical theory and methods for big data, computational statistics and simulation methods, as well as statistical machine learning.

To kick start the collaboration, there will be a workshop held at the University of Bristol on 30 and 31 May focusing on machine learning and data science, with plans for annual workshops. Details of this event will be available on the Jean Golding Institute events page.

Professor Kenji Fukumizu, Director of the Research Centre for Statistical Machine Learning in Japan, said: “I am delighted with the start of collaborations between the JGI and ISM. 

“The JGI has been playing an important role for data science and data-intensive research and serving as a central point in the partnership between the Alan Turing Institute and University of Bristol.

“I am thrilled with our academic partnership and forthcoming joint research activities, which will be beneficial for us to pioneer the research field of data science.”

Professor Kate Robson Brown, Director of the Jean Golding Institute, added: “The ISM has a long tradition of research in statistics and mathematical sciences, and we share a common goal to foster multidisciplinary working and the ambition to harness the power of data science to tackle key challenges in modern society.

“I am delighted that the JGI will be collaborating with the ISM, which has recently announced new initiatives in creative design and manufacturing, and health data science, as well as more established excellence in risk analysis and machine learning.

“There will be many opportunities for collaboration and international academic exchange in the coming years.”

Further information

About the Institute of Statistical Mathematics

The Institute of Statistical Mathematics (ISM) is a national research institute that conducts studies relating to theory and applications of statistics and data science. Bringing together many and various researchers engaged in ‘data-centric science’, including the fields of engineering involving massive data, statistical science, computer science, machine learning and data mining, it serves as a unique base of research in Japan.

About the Jean Golding Institute for data science and data-intensive research

The Jean Golding Institute (JGI) at the University of Bristol is a central hub for data science and data-intensive research. Their mission is to create an environment where novel data-intensive research areas are explored and developed, and interdisciplinary exchanges promote a spirit of collaboration.

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