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Bristol academics inspire medics and biological scientists of the future

Zebra fish from Dr Chrissy Hammond's workshop Neil Phillips Photography

Press release issued: 19 May 2014

University of Bristol academics took part in a conference aimed at encouraging girls to choose careers in medical and biological sciences at Red Maids’ Senior School on Friday 16 May.

The event provided a range of workshops which focused on diverse topics such as how the brain works, orthopaedic surgery, midwifery, joint development, and improving human health through biological research.

The conference, which is an annual event aimed at Year 10 girls, featured Bristol University research fellow and plant biologist Dr Heather Whitney as a key note speaker, who talked about how studying science can lead to a range of opportunities in later life.

Other speakers from the University included Dr Clea Warburton who ran a workshop on neuroscience, Professor Jon Tobias, who used his work on the project ‘Children of the 90s’ to help understand how lifestyle can affect bone development and Dr Ann Pullen, who discussed degrees across the range of medical sciences and how different they can be.

Dr Chrissy Hammond also took part and gave students the opportunity to study zebra fish under the microscope, where they were able to see blood flowing around the fishes’ bodies and observe the heart beating.

In total 160 girls from schools across the South West attended the conference.

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