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Bristol part of £42 million boost for mental health research to unlock new treatments

Press release issued: 30 May 2023

The University of Bristol is part of a £42.7 million 'Mental Health Mission' announced by the Government to accelerate research into mental health conditions, including those impacting children. The research will develop radical new treatments, improve the speed and accuracy of diagnosis and increase the use of technology to free up clinician time.

The psychosis theme of the Mental Health Mission has been awarded over £4 million by the Office for Life Sciences. Bristol's Dr Sarah Sullivan will be co-leading the psychosis prediction workstream of the psychosis theme alongside Dr Paolo Fusar Poli from Kings College London. 

The Mission will be delivered through the National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) Mental Health Translational Research Collaboration, a UK wide network of leading investigators specialising in mental health research. 

The mission is one of the healthcare research priorities announced by the government last year as part of its Life Sciences Vision, and will take a Vaccine Taskforce style approach to tackling some of the biggest public health challenges facing the UK. The government will continue to harness world-leading research expertise, remove unnecessary bureaucracy, strengthen partnerships and support the new healthcare challenges. 

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