NIHR Funding for Social Scientists information session

8 February 2022, 2.00 PM - 8 February 2022, 4.00 PM


Hosted by the National Institute for Health Research

Register: NIHR Funding for Social Scientists: Information event, 8 February 2022, 14:00-16:00 (




Welcome and Introduction 5 mins

Debbie Watson/Policy Studies School Research Director

Overview talk: NIHR as a funder

15 mins

Research Design Service (RDS) colleagues (Christie Cabral; Rosemary Greenwood) to provide a high-level overview on NIHR as an entity/funder, including what they fund and why; and why NIHR might be of interest to social scientists

David Abbott to provide brief insights into NIHR’s increased

emphasis on Social Care

High level information about specific schemes

45 mins

[35 mins] RDS Colleagues to introduce the schemes noted below, including:

  • Brief overview; examples of projects
  • Questions

NIHR Programme and Project schemes, e.g.

Fellowship schemes, postdoc-level and above


[10 minutes] RDS Colleagues to provide summary information/Guidance on Common Sections of NIHR forms

Other Important considerations

-          Patient Public Involvement (PPI)

  • the Clinical Research Network (CRN)


-          Andy Gibson. People in Health, West of England

-          Christie Cabral, RDS

Support for bidders


-          RDS colleagues

-          Research Development/RED colleagues

Any final questions


All speakers to date; also Ailsa Cameron (RfPB member); Russ

Jago; Geraldine MacDonald


Plenary session ends at 3.30pm

One to One discussions for colleagues seeking bid support

30 minutes

RDS Colleagues meet with colleagues seeking 1to1 bid support. Assume 10 minutes for each slot. Booked in advance on


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