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Jesse Taylor-West wins prize for thesis

12 June 2024

Fellow in Fluid Dynamics at the School of Maths, Dr Taylor-West, has won the UK Fluids Network Thesis prize 2024

The UKFN Thesis Prize is awarded annually to the best postgraduate research thesis on any subject within fluid mechanics, with the theses being assessed on the basis of the quality of the scientific work and the rigour of the presentation.
Dr Taylor-West’s thesis is entitled Flows of viscoplastic fluids and it explores viscoplastic fluids, a class of material which behave as a rigid solid below a threshold "yield" stress, but flow like a fluid at larger stresses. This property is common in environmental and industrial fluids, with applications to the flow of lava, mud, food pastes, and cement. The thesis employs asymptotic, computational, and experimental methods to analyse a number of viscoplastic flow problems, highlighting the key consequences of the presence of a yield stress.
Huge congratulations to Jesse on this wonderful achievement.
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