Generalised Baire Space and Large Cardinals

8 February 2024, 9.00 AM - 10 February 2024, 12.30 PM

Room 2.04 Bristol University Fry Building, School of Mathematics, Woodland Rd, Bristol BS8 1UG

Seventh workshop on generalised Baire spaces: Generalised descriptive
set theory and large cardinals

This is the seventh in a series of workshops that have taken place
from 2014. These workshops aim to connect researchers working in the
descriptive set theory of Baire and Cantor spaces of functions on
uncountable cardinals and its connections with infinite combinatorics
and model theory. The upcoming workshop features several well-known
speakers and aims to connect this area with large cardinals. There will be ample time for discussion and collaboration.


Claudio Agostini, Technical University of Vienna
David Chodounský, Institute of Mathematics of the Czech Academy of Sciences
Christopher Henney-Turner, Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Gdansk
Peter Holy, Technical University of Vienna
Philipp Lücke, University of Hamburg
Chris Lambie-Hanson, Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague
Luca Motto Ros, University of Torino
Miguel Moreno, University of Helsinki
Beatrice Pitton, University of Lausanne
Grigor Sargsyan, Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Gdansk
Farmer Schlutzenberg, Technical University of Vienna
Jonathan Schilhan, University of Leeds
Sarka Stejskalova, Charles University, Prague
Dorottya Sziraki, Renyi Institute Budapest
Jouko Väänänen, University of Helsinki

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Meeting ID: 917 4718 9671
Passcode: 008473


This workshop is funded by the EPSRC and LMS.

It is organised by Philipp Schlicht ( and Philip Welch (

If you wish to deliver a short contributed talk or be considered for funding support, please contact the organisers.

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