We welcome applications from Canadian students. More than 50 students from Canada currently study here, and we would love for you to join us.

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Application guidance

The following information is for guidance only. Competition for places at the University of Bristol is very strong, and the achievement of a specified qualification does not guarantee that an offer will be made. We aim to respond to your application as quickly as possible to help you plan your studies.

If your qualification is not mentioned or you have any further questions, please contact us for advice.

Undergraduate entry requirements

You can apply for undergraduate courses through the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS). Find out more from UCAS about applying to university in the UK. The UCAS institution code for the University of Bristol is BRISL B78.

Entry requirements vary for each course. Please check our undergraduate course listings for details of specific requirements.

  • Applicants from Ontario, we require a Grade 12 Secondary School Diploma with an average of between 80% and 90%. This must include six Grade 12 U or M courses. Some courses may specify exact grade requirements in relevant U subjects.
  • Applicants from Quebec, we require a Diplôme d'Etudes Collègiales (DEC) with an overall average of between 80%-90%.
  • Applicants from Nunavut, and British Columbia and Yukon, we require a Grade 12 Senior Secondary Diploma with an average of between 85%-90% in 5 grade 12 subjects.
  • Applicants from Alberta, New Brunswick, North West Territories, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Saskatchewan, we require a General High School Diploma with between 80%-90% in 5 subjects at Grade 12.
  • Applicants from Newfoundland, we require 80% in six acceptable subjects at 3,000 level Grade 12, or 70% in nine 3,000 level subjects
  • Applicants from Manitoba, we require a High School Graduation Diploma with an overall average of between 80%-90%, including 5 credits awarded at the 300 level in at least 4 subject areas, and at least 80% in each subject.

Postgraduate entry requirements

You should apply online for all our postgraduate programmes.

Entry requirements vary for each programme. Please check our postgraduate programme listings for details of specific requirements.

To be considered for admission to a master's degree programme at the University of Bristol, the minimum requirement for entry is an undergraduate (bachelor’s) degree from an acceptable institution that is equivalent to a UK upper second-class degree (also known as a 2:1). 

Applicants from Canada holding a Bachelor's Degree (honours) with a GPA of 3.3,  B+ grades or numeric grade of 77+ may be considered equivalent to a 2:1 degree. Please note that these are examples and that other requirements will apply to other grading scales. Please check with the University if you have any queries about this.


The University provides a range of international scholarships, including our Think Big scholarships which can help fund your tuition fees.

Search our full list of funding to find more scholarships offered by the University of Bristol and external organisations.

Find more information about funding your studies on our student finances pages.

British Council

The British Council can give guidance and information about higher education in the UK. Find out from their website if there is an office near you and what services are available.

Education representatives

The University has agreements with many education representatives (also known as agents) around the world who can assist you with your application. Using a representative does not put your application at any advantage or disadvantage, and independent applications will be considered on an equal basis.

Please use the services of only one representative to avoid administrative complications. We strongly advise you to only work with a representative listed below.

Our registered representatives in your country:

Barclay Educational Services
175 Longwood Rd. S. Ste 312A, Hamilton, Ontario Canada L8P 0A1
Tel: +1 905 632 0999
Fax: +1 905 632 0899

Future Project
Established by Canadian law graduates who studied in the UK.
Locations: Toronto and Vancouver
Tel: +1 888 506 2257

Study in UK (SI-UK Canada Office)
Specialists in UK universities, offering free application support.
Suite 300, 150 King Street West, Toronto, Ontario, M5H 1J9
Tel: +1 416 998 8532

Across the Pond
Their team of UK graduates would be happy to help you with your application as well as answer any questions you may have about the university, our courses and funding. The help is free and personalised and we’d encourage you to engage so that you can navigate the application and admissions process smoothly and effectively.
Meet Across the Ponds at events:
Questions and help with application:

Student societies

Our student clubs include the International Students Network and over 400 more for different interests and hobbies.

Our alumni 

Our international alumni network includes nearly 1,000 students from or living in Canada, who are employed at organisations including Deloitte, the Global Institute for Water Security, the Canadian Government and Rogers Communications.

Get in touch

If you have any questions about applying to Bristol, please contact our International Recruitment team:
Phone: +44 (0)117 205 2644

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Bristol is such a lively and vibrant city filled with so much diversity and fun! The University staff have been so supportive and have really made my time at Bristol special. They go the extra mile to make sure I feel supported especially being so far from home.

Natasha (BVSc Veterinary Science), Canada

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