Bristol Benjamin Meaker Distinguished Visiting Professors and 'Next Generation' Visiting Researchers 2022-23

Bristol Benjamin Meaker Distinguished Visiting Professors 2022-23

Date of visitName and InstitutionBristol hostTopic of research

18 Sept - 18 Dec 2022

Professor Nick Huggett
University of Illinois at Chicago, USA
Professor James Ladyman

Quantum Gravity at the Big Bang and on a Table Top

29 Nov - 2 Dec 2022

Professor Michael N. Evans
University of Maryland, USA
Professor Paul Valdes
Geographical Sciences
Detection and attribution of climate change and climate sensitivity using paleoclimatic observations and simulations

4 Jan - 4 Apr 2023

Professor Carolin Overhoff Ferreira
Federal University of São Paulo, Brazil
Dr José Lingna Nafafe
Hispanic, Portuguese and Latin American Studies
African resistance, history and culture in Lusophone film 

1 Feb - 26 Mar 2023

Professor Bruce Lanphear
Simon Fraser University, Canada
Dr Caroline Taylor
Bristol Medical School

The Interplay of Toxic Chemicals and Nutrients

23 Mar - 25 May 2023

Professor Mary P. Sheridan
University of Louisville, USA
Professor Jennifer Rowsell

Reimagining Higher Education: Lessons from Covid and Contemporary Racial Reckonings

1 May - 30 June 2023

Professor Gisela Heffes
Rice University, USA
Dr Paul Merchant
Hispanic, Portuguese and Latin American Studies

Toxic Matters and Matters of Toxicity in Latin America

1 May - 30 June

Professor Maxwell Chertok
University of California, Davis, USA
Professor Joel Goldstein

Particle Physics Research at the CERN Large Hadron Collider

15 May - 15 June 2023

Professor Peter Marks
Univesity of Sydney
Professor Simon Potter

George Orwell and the BBC: Literature, Empire and Propaganda

Bristol 'Next Generation' Visiting Researcher Programme  2022-23 

Date of VisitName and InstitutionBristol hostTopic of Research

9 Sept - 24 Oct 2022

Dr Wade F. Petersen
University of Cape Town, South Africa
Professor Andrew Orr-Ewing

Accelerating Sustainable Chemical Synthesis: Photodynamic Studies in the Design of Novel Organic Photocatalysts.

 2 - 21 Oct 2022

Dr Monnica Klöckener
University of Münster, Germany

Professor Karla Pollman

 Dealing with Death in Early Christianity

12 Feb - 26 Mar 2023

Dr Nkechi S. Owoo
University of Ghana, Ghana

Professor David Gordon
Policy Studies

Effects of Climate Change on Health Outcomes

14 Feb - 3 Apr 2023

Dr Monique Ingalls
Baylor University, USA

Dr Justin Williams

British Gospel Choirs: Representing Race and Resounding Religion in Twenty-first Century Britain

19 June - 24 July 2023

Dr Kabir Oyeniran Oyedutin,
University of Pretoria, South Africa

Professor Charl FJ Faul

Supercapacitor: Store for the Future

1 June - 13 July 2023

Dr Tanveer Ahmed Naveed
University of Gujrat, Pakistan

Professor David Gordon
Policy Studies

Multidimensional Child Poverty in Pakistan: Measurement and Methodology

1 June - 15 July 2023

Dr Derek Schutt
Colorado State University, USA

Dr James Wookey
Earth Sciences

Lithosphere and asthenospheric tomography and physical state mapping

9-20 October 2023

Dr Vera Lucia Raposo
Nova University, Portugal

Professor Oliver Quick
Law School

Artificial Intelligence in healthcare: investigating innovation, safety and liability

11 - 26 Aug 2023

Dr Elisabeth Gilmore
Carleton University, Canada

Professor Daniela Schmidt
Earth Sciencees

Improving communication across natural and human system

7 - 22 Sept 2023

Professor M.V. Ramana
University of British Columbia, Canada

Dr John Downer
Sociology, Politics and International Studies

Exploring reactor safety

1 Nov - 13 Dec 2023

Dr Anthony Halog
University of Queensland, Australia

Professor Guy Howard
Cabot Institute for the Environment

Partnering for Innovation and Impact: Collaboration for Net Zero Emission, Circular Agriculture and Bioeconomy

Bristol Benjamin Meaker Follow-on Fund  2022-23 

Date of VisitName and InstitutionBristol hostTopic of Research

29 Aug - 16 Sept 2022

Dr Juliane Jarke
University of Bremen, Germany

Dr Helen Manchester

Co-creating Technofutures of Ageing

20 February - 21 March 2023

Professor Benjamin Hudson
Pennsylvania State University, USA

Professor Helen Fulton

Border Networks in Medieval Britain and the Atlantic