Welcome to our relaunched website and the International Research Partnerships (IRP) portfolio of funding schemes.  Much of our IRP work was formerly situated within our successful Institute for Advanced Studies (IAS), and has now been embedded within the Research Development International team in the Research and Enterprise Division. 

The Bristol Benjamin Meaker Distinguished Visiting Professorships remain at the heart of our portfolio of awards, complemented by new and revised schemes designed to enhance our international engagement with eminent professors as well as emerging research leaders.

We recognise that international collaboration may be particularly challenging in the current times with travel and social distancing restrictions. We are pleased to announce that we have designed and launched a new scheme designed to support online collaboration to help ensure partnerships can continue to grow and develop under the current circumstances.

The Bristol Benjamin Meaker Distinguished Visiting Professorships is a wonderful program that brings new research, ideas and potential collaboration to the University of Bristol. The University is very fortunate to have such a scheme, and the flexible way in which it operates is highly suited for many different visitors.

John F.H. Thompson, Cornell University, USA.