Bristol Benjamin Meaker Distinguished Visiting Professors and 'Next Generation' Visiting Researchers 2021-22

Bristol Benjamin Meaker Distinguished Visiting Professors 2021-22 


Date of visitName and InstitutionBristol hostTopic of research

15 Sept - 15 Nov 2021

Professor Diana Roman
Carnegie Institution for Science, USA
Professor Katharine Cashman
Earth Sciences
Surface expressions of magma ascent from combined
seismic-petrologic analyses

2 May - 9 Jun 2022

Professor Yakov Ben-Haim
Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, Israel
Professor Jonathan Lawry
Engineering Mathematics
Info-gap theory for managing deep uncertainty in distributed learning and collective decision making by robot swarms

27 June - 10 August 2022

Professor Julia Adeney Thomas
University of Notre-Dame, USA
Dr Marianna Dudley
Mobilizing History for the Anthropocene: Strategies of Resilience Past and Present
21 June - 21 July 2022 Professor Nandita Sharma
Universtiy of Hawai'i Manoa, USA
Professor Bridget Anderson
Sociology, Politics and International Studies
The Hydra Rising
13 - 30 June 2022 Professor Yogesh Joglekar
Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, USA
Dr Anthony Laing
Non-Hermiticity as a resource for quantum simulations, quantum sensing, and decoherence mitigation
19 June - 2 July 2022 Professor Urmila Seshagiri
University of Tennessee, USA
Dr Rowena Kennedy-Epstein
Unfinished Modernism: Towards New Feminist Methodologies 
11 July - 3 August 2022 Professor Michael N. Evans
University of Maryland, USA
Professor Paul Valdes
Geographical Sciences

Detection and attribution of climate change and climate sensitivity using paleoclimatic observations and simulations


Bristol 'Next Generation' Visiting Researcher Programme  2021-22 

Date of VisitName and InstitutionBristol hostTopic of Research

18 Jan - 12 Feb 2022

Dr Fernando Pires Hartwig
University of Pelotas, Brazil

Professor George Davey Smith
Bristol Medical School

Assessing the INSIDE assumption in Mendelian randomization

1 April - 13 May 2022

Dr Christian Ehret
McGill University, Canada

Professor Jennifer Rowsell

 Literacies in Algorithmic Cultures

18 April - 15 May 2022

Dr Juliane Jarke
University of Bremen, Germany

Dr Helen Manchester

Co-creating Technofutures of Ageing

27 June - 23 July 2022

Dr William Cavert
University of St Thomas, USA

Dr Adrian Howkins

Vermin Eradication and Agrarian Improvement in Early Modern England

4 July - 14 August 2022

Professor Samuel Fletcher
University of Minnesota, USA

Dr Karim Thebault

Time and Decision in the Foundations of Modern Physics