Open Lecture: 'Smart composite material systems for next-generation aerospace structures'

5 March 2024, 1.00 PM - 5 March 2024, 2.00 PM

Bristol Next Generation Visiting Researcher Dr Shu Minakuchi, University of Tokyo, Japan

1.18 Lecture Theatre, Queens Building

Dr Shu Minakuchi is a Bristol Next Generation Visiting Researcher. He is visiting from the University of Tokyo, Japan, and working with Vincent Maes in the School of Civil, Aerospace and Design Engineering on the project Enhanced consolidation monitoring.

Pulling together the various strands of his work, Dr Minakuchi will speak about the potential for innovative composite structural systems which display adaptability akin to that of biological structures. Using three-dimensional functional fibres to delay onset of damage and detect and heal damage automatically when it does occur. In addition, fiber-optic-based in-situ process monitoring for smart composite manufacturing will be outlined.

All UoB students and staff are welcome.

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