Medical Seminar 'A tool for empirically assessing the plausibility of unconfoundedness in observational studies'

15 January 2024, 12.00 PM - 15 January 2024, 1.00 PM

Bristol Benjamin Meaker Follow-on Fund Visiting Researcher Dr Fernando Hartwig, Federal Universidad de Pelotas, Brazil

OS6 Oakfield House

‌Former Bristol 'Next Generation' Visiting Researcher, Dr Fernando Hartwig, is returning to Bristol as part of the Benjamin Meaker Follow-on Fund. Dr Hartwig is working with Professor George Davey Smith in the Bristol Medical School on a project that aims to develop an empirical tool for assessing the plausibility of unconfoundedness (given a candidate covariate set) in observational studies. In this seminar, Dr Hartwig will talk about this topic.

All staff and students at the University of Bristol with an interest in this area are warmly invited.

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