Opportunities for international research development

The University of Bristol has a proud legacy of international research development, bringing world-leading scholars into our institution from all over the world hosted by our own prestigious academics to develop their research in collaboration with each other.

The International Research Development team has a variety of schemes on offer for visiting researchers, designed to support research collaboration at a range of scales. Our hallmark scheme, the Bristol Benjamin Meaker Distinguished Visiting Professorships programme, has had fantastic success over the decades, and now sits in complement to a range of new and reenergised international research collaboration activities. These schemes have been designed to foster international development which lead to collaborative funding bids, co-authored publications, policy impacts, and long-term relationships betwen individuals and institutions.

So whether you’re looking to spend a couple of weeks developing new collaborative research projects with international partners, co-host an international workshop, or spend three months working with some of the world’s leading academics we should be able to help. Click the links below for more information on the individual schemes, and get in touch with ird-office@bristol.ac.uk with any queries.

You can view a listing of previous awards from 2010-2020 on the spreadsheet below.

2010-2020 BBMDVP Awards (Office document, 370kB)