Time for a serious (uncomfortable) reflection on the role of veterinarians in the One Health paradigm

30 October 2019, 5.00 PM - 30 October 2019, 7.00 PM

Professor Richard Kock (veterinary ecologist, conservationist, and infectious disease researcher)

Lecture Theatre 2, Southwell Street, BS2 8EJ (Centre for Applied Anatomy)

Hosted by the One Health Bristol group. Cakes and snacks will be on offer. 

One Health is the collaboration of multiple sectors working to achieve better human, animal and environmental health on a local, national and international scale. The main areas that stand to gain from a One Health approach are food safety, the control of zoonoses and combatting antimicrobial resistance. 

As a student society, our aim is to improve the communication of these issues across the university, both within the health sciences and outside. Through organising a variety of lectures from topics such as welfare to global food sustainability, there is something for everyone! As such, we welcome anyone to join, whether you are a vet, medic, dentist, geographer, psychologist... or just someone with a passing interest in one of our events! 

For more information about the initiative please follow this link: http://www.onehealthglobal.net/what-is-one-health/

Contact information

For further information contact onehealthbristol@gmail.com

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