A guide to the University of Bristol a-z index

What is the a-z index?

The University of Bristol's online a-z index is a comprehensive alphabetical listing of faculties, schools, departments, divisions, institutions and research centres (collectively known as University Organisation Units - UOUs), together with other major aspects of the University and its services. It includes entries from the following listings:

The index does not include information on individual programmes.

Where do the entries come from?

The entries are dynamically generated from a database (PIMS). There are two basic types of entry:

  • organisational unit entries
    ie details from the official University hierarchy held in PIMS, covering faculties, schools, departments, divisions, institutions and research centres
  • non-organisational entries
    eg term dates, publications, maps and travel information, open days etc

What kind of non-organisational entries can be added?

Anything that has a bearing on or relationship to the University as a whole. This does not include entries for programmes of study. Similarly, personal websites and other information that is likely to be of specialist interest are not listed.

How do I get an entry added, make a suggestion or report an error?

It depends on what kind of entry it is:

  • organisational unit entries
    If you would like to request a change to the organisation structure (creation of new organisational units or alterations to existing units), please contact the Strategic Planning and Analysis Manager in the Planning and Business Intelligence Team
  • non-organisational entries
    Email web-editor@bristol.ac.uk