IAS Benjamin Meaker Visiting Professor Renata Pepicelli, LUISS Guido Carli University, Rome

FTBMVP Pepicelli

Migrations in the Mediterranean region. An intersectional approach to the study of Muslim diasporas in Europe

30 Jan - 19 Feb 2017

Renata Pepicelli is an expert in North African societies and Islamic diasporas from a gender perspective. Her research focuses on the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, with a special emphasis on gender, youth, Islam, Islamist movements, and migrations. She is currently both lecturer of Mediterranean Studies at LUISS Guido Carli University in Rome and lecturer of The Mediterranean World at the American University of Rome, where she teaches courses on the Mediterranean region, Arab world, migrations and Islamic diasporas in Europe. She holds a PhD in geopolitics and culture in the Mediterranean. She is also an Italian media opinion writer on Islam, jihadism, gender, migrations and youth.

Relations between the two shores of the Mediterranean have underpinned her research since her first book, 2010 un nuovo ordine mediterraneo? [2010 a new Mediterranean order?] (Mesogea 2004), on the Euro-Mediterranean partnership. More recently, she has conducted research on gender issues in the Islamic world. Her book Femminismo islamico. Corano, diritti, riforme [Islamic Feminism. Quran, rights, reforms] (Carocci 2010; six reprints and forthcoming new edition) is considered in Italy a seminal volume for the study of women’s movements in the Islamic world and Muslim diasporas. Her volume Il velo nell’Islam. Storia, politica, estetica [The Islamic headscarf. History, politics and aesthetics] (Carocci, 2012) was translated into Finnish in 2014, in recognition of the increasing importance of Islamic religious revivalism across Europe. Recently she co-edited Giovani musulmane in Italia. Percorsi biografici e pratiche quotidiane [Young Muslim women in Italy] (2015), an in-depth analysis of children of Muslim migrant narratives. Currently, she focuses on the study of Islam in Europe, particularly Italy, including the role of Islamic and Islamist organisations, and the development of transnational networks between Italy and the UK.

During her stay in Bristol, Dr Pepicelli will be hosted by Dr Tamar Hodos (Archaeology and Anthropology) and offer the following events: