Benjamin Meaker - History

The IAS BMVP scheme is funded through a generous donation to the University by one Benjamin Meaker. An endowment was established on 20 October 1976. 

Regrettably, the only information we hold in University of Bristol records about Meaker comes from his solicitor’s letters, which briefly state that Benjamin and his brother established a line of menswear shops trading as Meakers Ltd (listed as the 16th largest high street menswear store in the 1960s) and that he was domiciled in Jersey before his death. His estate was managed by several trustees and they were given discretion to allocate this as they thought best. It was on their instruction the endowment was established. Meakers of Piccadilly was in fact a well-known store in the 20th century, and one can still acquire certain vintage pieces (especially coats) from online clothing retailers. It was especially proud of its sportswear, and used the slogan: "If it's Sports Wear - ready to put on - it should be MEAKERS".

Benjamin Meaker died in Jersey 1971 at the age of 93. He was a speculator in British property, as well as a men's clothing store proprietor. There exists a Benjamin Meaker Charities Trust based in Jersey, which has supported the Benjamin Meaker Theatre at the Jersey Arts Centre and the Raine Island Corporation, Queensland, Australia. Raine Island, a 28 hectare coral cay in the northern Great Barrier Reef, hosts the world's largest green turtle rookery, and is the principal seabird breeding island of north-eastern Australia. The Corporation has spent more than $1 million on research and conservation projects at Raine Island and Moulter and MacLennan Cays.