IAS Benjamin Meaker Visiting Professor Brian Ference, Wayne State University/ National Centre for Cardiovascular Disease, Beijing

brian ference mugshotBeyond Causality: using naturally randomized genetic evidence to inform the design and anticipatae the results of randomized trials

25 Jan - 24 Feb 2017

Brian Ference is Associate Professor of Medicine, Clinical Chief of the Division of Cardiovascular Medicine and Director of the Cardiovascular Genomic Research Centre at Wayne State University School of Medicine. He is currently on leave from those posts and living in Beijing where he is Chief Medical and Scientific Officer for the Chinese Precision Medicine Initiative US-Sino Collaboration and is helping to design the next generation healthcare system based on a virtual cloud-based infrastructure and informed by personalized machine learning “prescriptive genomic” testing. He is a cardiologist and genetic epidemiologist who was educated and trained at Harvard, Yale, Oxford and Cambridge Universities. His research focuses on using naturally randomized genetic evidence to 1) accelerate the drug discovery and development process by designing and conducting portfolios of “naturally randomized trials”; 2) identify patterns of polymorphism that define differential vulnerability to modifiable cardiovascular risk factors as a strategy to personalize the prevention of cardiovascular disease; and 3) frame and answer important public health questions to fill evidence gaps when an actual randomized trial would be either impossible or impractical to conduct thereby informing (and challenging) cardiovascular medicine treatment guidelines. He holds leadership positions in several international cardiovascular medicine professional societies.

During his stay in Bristol, Dr Ference will be hosted by Professor George Davey Smith (Social and Community Medicine) and conduct the following research events, all held in OS6 [the Seminar Room], Second Floor, Oakfield House, Oakfield Grove, BS8 2BN.