Benjamin Meaker Visiting Professors 2017-18

Medium-term Benjamin Meaker Visiting Professors 2017-2018

24 July - 23 Dec

Dr François Birgand
North Carolina State University

Dr Nicholas Howden
Leading the water quality sensor revolution in catchment hydrology
1 Aug - 27 Oct

Dr Maria-Paz Marzolo
Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile

Prof Pete Cullen
Defining the SNX17-retriever pathway in endosomal recycling of ApoER2 and reelin signalling
1 Sept - 28 Nov

Dr Robert Loucks
University of Western Australia

Professor Jon Blundy
Earth Sciences
Experimental determination of copper and chlorine partitioning between granitic silicate melt and aqueous fluid at lower-crustal pressures
1 Oct - 22 Dec

Professor Daniel Conley
Lund University, Sweden

Dr Kate Hendry
Earth Sciences
The Evolution of Biosilicification and the Silicon Cycle
15 Oct - 15 Dec

Professor Barry Trimmer
Tufts University, USA

Professor Jonathan Rossiter
Polymeric Soft Robots for Terrestrial Locomotion
30 Oct - 11 Nov

Professor Harald Schneider
Chinese Academy of Sciences

Professor Philip Donoghue
Earth Sciences
Origin of Land Plants
8 Jan - 31 Mar 2018

Professor Eugene Bogomolny
CNRS, Paris-SUD, France

Dr Martin Sieber
Whispering galleries for light: beyond the two-dimensional approximation
15 Mar - 15 May 2018

Professor Keith Busby
Wisconsin-Madison, USA

Dr Leah Tether
English/Digital Humanities

Professor Brendan Smith

A Critical Edition of the French Works of Jofroi de Waterford (ca. 1300)
late April - end of June 2018

Professor Rebecca Dorsey
University of Oregan, USA

Professor Katharine Cashman
Earth Sciences

Tectonic Controls on Sedimentary Basins and Regional Paleorivers

Fast-track Benjamin Meaker Visiting Professors 2017-2018

Date of VisitName and InstitutionBristol Host DetailsTopic of Research
15 July - 12 Aug 2017 Professor Stanislav Speranski
St. Petersburg State University, Russia
Professor Leon Horsten
Arbitrary Objects and Structures
30 July - 31 Aug 2017 Professor Marius Ungarish
Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel
Professor Andrew Hogg

The effects of mixing on the atmospheric dispersion of volcanic ash and the
long runout of oceanic particle-laden flows

1 - 14 October 2017 Dr Marilyn Cornelis
Northwestern University, USA

Professor Marcus Munafò
Experimental Psychology

Genetic epidemiology of caffeine-smoking interactions and health 
9 - 13 Oct 2017 Dr Eugene Koonin
National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI),
National Library of Medicine (NLM)and National 
Institutes of Health (NIH).
Professor Davide Pisani
Life Sciences
A timescale for the origin and early evolution of Cellular life
19 Oct - 19 Nov 2017

Dr Elias Lewi
Addis Abbaba University, Ethiopia

Dr Juliet Biggs
Earth Sciences
Monitoring Ethiopia's Dynamic Crust with Satellite Geodesy
27 Oct - 24 Nov 2017 Professor Louisa Degenhardt
National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre,
UNSW Sydney, Australia

Professor Matthew Hickman

Population Health Science

Epidemiology of drug related harm – Global Burden of Disease and Lancet Commission
16 Nov 2017 Dr Catherine L. Mann
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

Dr Karoline Wiesner

Would Policymaker Use of Complexity Analysis Make Economics More Relevant to the Real World?
2 - 16 Dec 2017 Professor Alexander Clark
University of Alberta, Canada

Dr Katrina Turner
Population Health Science

Complexity approaches and writing for impact
22 Jan - 9 Feb 2018

Dr Joe Blythe
Macquarie University, Australia

Professor Fiona Jordan

Children’s acquisition of kinship concepts
29 Jan - 9 Feb 2018

Dr Hong-Jae Park
Western Sydney University, Australia

Professor Liz Lloyd
Policy Studies

Transnational Later Life Migration: Current Issues
4 Feb - 19 Feb 2018

Dr Ignasio Ngoma 
University of Malawi

Dr Katsu Goda

Sustainable Construction and Environment in Sub-Saharan Africa – Role of
Civil and Construction Engineers – The Malawi Experience

25 Feb - 3 March 2018

Dr Fiona Ritchie
McGill University, Canada

Dr Elaine McGirr

Women and Theatre in Bristol in the Eighteenth Century: The Case of the Jacob’s Wells Theatre

1 - 31 March 2018

Professor Benjamin Schumacher
Kenyon College, USA

Professor Sandu Popescu

Quantum theory and axiomatic foundations of thermodynamics

7 March - April 2018

Professor Martyn Unsworth
University of Alberta, Canada

Professor Michael Kendall
Earth Sciences

Integrating geophysical and geological studies of crustal magma bodies

12 March - 16 April 2018

Dr Ellen Martin
University of Florida, USA

Dr Kate Hendry
Earth Sciences

Weathering in Greenland: solute fluxes to the ocean and atmospheric gas exchange

12 March - 16 April 2018

Dr Jonathan Martin
University of Florida, USA

Dr Kate Hendry
Earth Sciences

Weathering in Greenland: solute fluxes to the ocean and atmospheric gas exchange

19 March (4 weeks) 2018

Dr William Parks
Dartmouth College, USA

Dr Abigail Fraser
Population Health Science

Placental pathology: linking the health of two generations

3 - 28 April 2018

Dr Jan Shaw
University of Sydney

Professor Helen Fulton

Women and Leadership in Fifteenth-Century English Prose Romance

Feb - April (tbc)

Dr Anita Ho
University of British Columbia, Canada

Dr Oliver Quick

Regulating mobile medical technology: the ethics and safety of self-care