Redeployment of staff for reasons other than redundancy

The University takes seriously its obligations, both legal and moral, to seek redeployment for staff finding themselves unable to continue in their present job due to a medical condition or disability. Such assistance will be offered where the University has reasonably explored whether adjustments can be made to the individual's current role to enable them to continue in that post, but has determined that such adjustments are feasible. The University's Ill Health Procedure and Disability Policy both provide further information on the process of considering reasonable adjustments.

It is also recognised that there may be some other substantial reason (for instance personal conflict) where, exceptionally, it might be deemed appropriate for the University to seek to redeploy an individual. In such circumstances, the HR Director, or delegated representative, will make a decision, on a case by case basis, as to whether assistance in seeking redepolyment should be offered, and the extent of the assistance.

Where redeployment on the ground of a medical condition, disability or some other substantial reason is to be sought by the individual or their manager, the Faculty/Divisional HR Team dealing with the case will collate the following information:

Determining whether redeployment should be pursued in such case will by definition need to be carried out on a case by case basis. These reports will be used to assist in the consideration of the individual for redeployment.

The Faculty/Divisional HR Team will then work with the individual to seek a suitable redeployment opportunity in line with the University's redeployment process.