Sustainable Food

Que 3 - Do catering contracts include sustainability - Yes they do.

See the following two reports, PQQ report (PDF, 385kB) , ITT report (PDF, 1,241kB), but in particular see the pages noted below; 


On page  11, Q8.3 asks the bidder to “Please demonstrate, with examples where appropriate how you will comply with the University’s Ethical and Sustainability policy (attached at Appendix 3).” (this refers to the Ethical Food policy); 

Page 11, Q9.2 asks “What processes or actions has your company initiated in relation to energy saving and management of waste streams?” 


Page 15, item D2.3 states “All catering is to be supplied in accordance with the University’s hospitality policies already supplied with the PQQ. In addition, the latest Ethics policy can be found below: “ This is not an explicit question asking for bidders to confirm compliance, but a statement that we expect any catering to comply with the policy. (There is a 20% weighting on compliance with sustainability standards).

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