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Same-Sex Marriage and Migrant Temporariness

Dr Eithne Luibheid Julio Hermosilla-Elgueta

Dr Katharine Charsley Julio Hermosilla-Elgueta

17 March 2017

Dr Eithne Luibheid from University of Arizona and Benjamin Meaker Visiting Professor at SPAIS presented her paper titled “Same-Sex Marriage and Migrant Temporariness” at an event jointly hosted by the Centre for Ethnicity and Citizenship and the Gender Research Centre. The seminar was chaired by Dr Katharine Charsley.

Dr Eithne Luibheid gave an engaging seminar on how marriage has emerged as a strategy to contest migrant temporariness.

The seminar was based on a paper discussing how family ties remain the most viable way to gain legal admission as a permanent migrant to the United States. She explained that in recent decades, a growing numbers of family migrants are experiencing not permanence, but rather, conditions of temporariness and exploitability that are shared with short-term and undocumented migrants.

Her paper focus on same-sex marriage migrants, whose admission has been permitted since 2013. At the seminar, she explained how marriage has emerged as a strategy to contest migrant temporariness, and how this transforms the connections among state-sanctioned intimacies, nation making, and the global economy.

The seminar was Chaired by Dr Katharine Charsley.

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