“Understanding the way gender defines social and economic structures and institutions remains one of the most important questions for scholars and policy makers alike”.

Roberta Guerrina, Director, GRC

The SPAIS Gender Research Centre is a hub for interdisciplinary research on gender, politics, society and intersectionality. A leading centre for ground-breaking research on persistent gendered inequalities that exist both in the UK and around the world. Understanding gender as a structure of power, our research seeks to understand its impact on everyday life as well as social, political and economic institutions. Committed to unpacking the relational nature of gender, we provide a space for coming up with innovative solutions to unpick historic forms of inequality and social exclusion. Working with key stakeholders from government to civil society, our ambitious research contributes to ongoing work to improve equality and inclusion across a range of sectors. Through evidence-based analysis of the gendered impact of socio-economic and political trends, our work makes a consistent contribution to promoting social justice and equality.


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Our research identifies, analyses, and ultimately challenges and renegotiates gendered power relations.

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